Mr. White is the pale-faced, dressed in white DJ that has mastered the craft of setting the perfect party atmosphere through his energetic house vibes and techy grooves.

Since 2009 he’s been traveling the world alongside Sensation, one of the world’s most spectacular dance music phenomenons. This journey has led him to all 7 continents, rocking dance floors up to 45,000 people. Mr. White is a dance music icon and has been an essential ingredient for every Sensation show. He is the only DJ in the world that has performed at Sensation 77 times, and counting.

In 2017 Mr. White kicks-off his solo journey. Next to his residency at Sensation he’ll also be performing at exclusive clubs, festivals, roof-top parties, fashion shows, award shows and other special events around the world. Alongside his signature remixes, Mr. White has an arsenal of original productions ready for release.

Mr. White is s known for preparing his performances in detail and expressing himself with unique fashion. Without the need to speak, Mr White finds new and exciting ways to interact with his audience.


worldwide bookings:

+31 20 428 31 70